OtterBox Defender Kindle Fire HDX 7 Case Review

For those Kindle Fire HDX 7 users that value the look of their Kindle Fire HDX 7 case above all else, the OtterBox Defender Kindle Fire HDX 7 case is not only fantastic visually, but also features the necessary functions to improve the tablet experience in general.

With its simplistic, smooth styling and two-tone, thick striped color scheme, this is the accessory that’s going to be turning heads wherever you take it. Whether you’re heading down to the library to make a few notes, taking a pit stop at the cafe to send a few emails or simply sitting on the train playing some Angry Birds, this stunning case is bound to be a bit of a conversational piece.

However, the styling is not just for looks, since that thick white stripe is actually a convenient kickstand for keeping your device mounted when you want to watch a movie or write those emails. This will remove the need to hold up your tablet manually for hours on end when you fancy watching hours upon hours of YouTube clips in bed. Instead, your OtterBox Defender will simply do the job for you whilst looking awesome.

Featuring a triple layer of protection, by means of a polycarbonate shell sandwiched between two silicone layers, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that any knocks or bumps your Kindle Fire HDX 7 experiences won’t be causing any damage to your device, ensuring that it remains in as good condition as when you first took off those protective seals.

Due to its soft silicone exterior, the Otterbox Defender Kindle Fire HDX 7 case won’t retain any scratches it accumulates, since you’ll simply be able to rub them off by hand or with a damp cloth for any more stubborn marks. This is exactly what you want to hear if you like to keep that fresh-off-the-shelf look with your gadgets, especially when you’re dealing with such a clean-looking product as the OtterBox Kindle Fire HDX 7 case.

So all that is left for you to decide is exactly which of the wide range of colors you are going to opt for. If you’re looking for unmatched style so that your tablet stands out from the crowd, but you don’t want to skimp on the protective quality or functionality of the case as a result, the OtterBox Defender Kindle Fire HDX 7 case is the be all and end all.